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With that being said, TPE is the most reliable choice. Vibrators and Dildos with TPE are generally going to be very soft, flexible, and hold elasticity.

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Soft, stretchy and velvety, the TPE dildos are so close to the real skin texture, that you'll find yourself wondering if they're made from real flesh. To find our more ab High Quality TPE Dildos at unbeatable prices from Lucidtoys.com Skin-like and realistic, our TPE dildos shouldn't miss from your sex toys collection.

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TPE/TPR sex toys 🙁. Approach TPE and TPR toys with caution. This is the safest on this “avoid” list. Non-toxic but may still be porous, so I still recommend that you avoid it. If you absolutely must buy this, use a condom over it. TPE sex toys have been known to retain things like HPV, so definitely no sharing.

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TPR/TPE – YES – Many dildos in these materials are made for harness play and incorporate the ability to be placed in an O ring harness. Follow the cautions for vaginal and anal play, depending on how you’re using your dildo and harness

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I read an article that said TPE dildos can retain odors being porous, and to avoid using them anally. But the toy advertises anal usage with glowing reviews universally. However - there are a few instances of people saying it's unsafe and can retain fungus/bacteria/etc.

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Steel/Aluminum. Keeping true to our pattern of body-safety, unpainted aluminum and stainless steel dildo toys are, like glass and silicone, non-porous, a breeze to clean and generally safe for all skin types. Look for ‘stainless steel’ in the item specifications for top-notch peace of mind.

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For things like masturbators, it’s a little bit more lenient – but a TPE/TPR dildo/butt plug will retain odour no matter how much you clean it. So for anal use, I would personally steer clear. To clean a toy made from TPE, this is best down with water and toy cleaner, and then patted dry with a lint free towel. You can also leave it to air dry.

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TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer, and TPR means thermoplastic rubber. They both mean the exact same thing and can be used to describe the exact same dildos. Really, TPE/TPR is just a fancy word for a rubber made from a mix of melted plastic and additives. Almost every rubber dildo that isn't silicone is a type TPE. For example, the Jelly dildos I mentioned above fall under the category of TPE.

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TPE or thermoplastic elastomer has evolved in the recent years as an alternative to silicone. It’s gaining popularity worldwide and some of the reasons for this popularity are: It is softer in touch considering to silicone sex dolls. Since the composition of TPE involves plastic, TPE sex dolls are much more elastic than the silicone sex dolls.