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Filter Price. $ 2 — $ 72. Stop looking for a place to stash your sex toy and get a lockable box, case, pouch or pillow perfect for hiding your vibrators and other sex toys. Sex toy storage is designed specially for properly keeping your sex toys safe and ready for you when you are. Sex toy cases, pillows and pouches are what you been looking ...

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Sex toys should not touch in storage. For example, you should use ziplock bags, clean socks, satin pouches, or the toys’ original boxes if they’re stored in the same place. This is especially true for jelly rubber toys, whose chemicals can be unstable and see them “melt” due to chemical reactions.

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Keep Your Sex Toys Safe With These Inconspicuous Storage Options. You finally purchased that sex toy you've been dreaming about for months. Congrats, now where do you store it? If you live alone, you can keep it in the box under your bed and call it a day. But if you live in a house full of people, things aren't that simple.

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Sex Toy Storage Whether you need to lock them away from prying eyes or have a nice antibacterial home for your favorite dildo, Betty has some great toy storage options for you. Our lockable vibrator boxes are very popular.

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Unless you're cool with inserting sex toys into your body that have been collecting weird drawer dust and lint, it's a good idea to invest in some sort of dedicated sex toy storage system.

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Many people just store the sex toys in a nightstand, so it was interesting to find a company that promotes its nightstands for just that purpose. Blu Dot says this about its Modu-licious Bedside Table: "Fits ten T-9 ball gags, a box of tissues, and six issues of Arch Digest." This isn't the tiny drawer so many nightstands have, where there's not much room for the toys.

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You can use specifically designed sex toy storage or plastic or cloth storage bags you already have on hand. Also be sure to store your toy in a climate-controlled location. Conditions that are too hot or too cold can damage the electronic functions in your toys.

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When storing sex toys, there's really no wrong answer — as long as you're storing them safely. "Make sure toys are thoroughly clean, disinfected, dried , and conditioned (if it’s leather ...

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Blush Novelties Safe Sex Toy Bag | Drawstring Bag for Sex Toy Storage | Adult Toy Storage Cinch Bag | Dildo Holder and Dildo Bag for Safe Storage and Transportation | Large 4.5 out of 5 stars 211 4 offers from $10.68

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Uvee makes sex toy storage cases that sanitize, charge, and lock away your toys. It covers all of the common bases for taking care of your favorite toys. It covers all of the common bases for taking care of your favorite toys.