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I just used a "dildo" for the first time ever on ... - reddit

Well first of all, make sure you don't have hemorrhoids. Then, invest in a dildo/butt plug. The anus is a sensitive area that many men, bot straight, bi and gay can receive pleasure from and should do safely. Sex toys are usually the safest and most pleasurable way to achieve the experience you want.

[Advice] how to get wife to use dildo on herself? : sex - reddit

[Advice] how to get wife to use dildo on herself? My wife owns a vibrator and uses it often so she isn't foreign to toys. But I have this huge desire to watch her get after a dildo suction cupped to a wall while bent over.

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I want to buy a used dildo, please : TalesFromRetail

I want to buy a used dildo, please. Medium. Since we are talking about dildos and retail… here is my story. I work in a second hand store, I sell almost everything. This “almost” is jumped everyday for customers trying to buy or sell really incredible things. Well, is not so uncommon a client try to sell us sexual toys, mostly unopended ...

[Advice] I used a large dildo on my girlfriend. She ... - reddit

I've used a dildo on my girlfriend. Many times. A variety of them. With lots of fun features, vibrating and so on. They're awesome. They do things for her that my dick absolutely doesn't. And I totally get a twinge of the same "I can't do that for her" you describe even though I'm bigger than the toys we've used. So size isn't really the issue.

How do you get rid of a dildo? - reddit

I own a dildo. I don't want to keep it, but I can't bring myself to get rid of it by simply throwing it in the trash. There has to be a better way. Some details about the dildo: It's a huge 1.5' double ended flesh colored monster. I once paid a guy $5 so I could hit him in the back with it and it left a welt, a giant dick shaped welt.

How do some pornstars can take 15 inch dildo in ass? - reddit

I have an 18" colon tube (it's about 3cm in diameter) that I use for enemas that I can get just up under my rib cage pretty easily (almost the whole tube in). But when it come to other toys I can't make it past the rectum - I have some toys that will go that far, but I've come close to hurting myself so I don't use those anymore.

Babes With Dildos - reddit

1. Post Must Include a Dildo or If Not A Dildo Toy Must Be Inserted. 2. Females Only. 3. No Underage Content Or Implied Underage. 4. No Revenge, Involuntary Porn or Personal Info. 5.

Thoughts about my wife, her large dildo, and her ... - reddit

She kind of laughed gently and was nice about it. After that I suggested we get an even larger dildo. We decided to go to a toy shop and got a large dildo, 8 inches long and about 3 inches thick. She picked it out. I could tell that she loved it when we use it but she denies how much she does.

The Best Giant & Thick Dildo I've Ever Used (Pics Included)

I sometimes pair my dildos with other sex toys but we will get more into that below, first of all, I wanted to show you the biggest and best dildo I have ever used: My Absolute Favorite Big Dildo: Just looking at this picture of this giant dildo brings back flashbacks of me straddling this hunk of meat for the first time.