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This project controls the Spotify app using just 3 buttons that are wired to the Arduino Uno Rev3. The Arduino communicates a few keywords (i.e. pause, forward, and back) to the Python script through the COM3 port and uses PyAutoGui's functions to pause/play track, play the previous track, and play the next track. It also has a 1602 LCD hooked ...

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Take a lovense toy and disassemble. 0-3v Voltage from lovense that used run the vibrating motor now input on uno. Translate voltage level to location of a servo or stepper. Now you can create patterns of depth and speed in lovense app or control live, even across the web, etc Servo could be made from wiper motor and rc servo, slide could be ...

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Buzz Wire with Score Counter. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use a wireless PlayStation 2 (PS2) controller and an Arduino Uno pilot a robotic tank. A mini CNC 2D plotter made from old DVD drive and L293D motor shield. Very cheap but interesting. It can draw any image uploaded from PC.

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175 toys projects page 2. 175. toys. projects. Today I will show you how to make eating robot with Arduino Nano. This project I made for my daughter. It's very easy with cheap materials.

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Generator Skeleton Alpha Release “NewYork” – Public Domain – OpenSource/Hardware. 0. 3

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You can make tasers, locks, pistons, pumps, eye trackers, muscle sensors, screens, twitter api based controls, local wired and wireless controls, screens, and maybe more. Actually, if you search for DIY Arduino electronic sex toy stuff, you can find a lot of interesting boards and existing projects to copy.

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Electronic Muscle Stimulation. This is an electronic muscle stimulator circuit that stimulates nerves of that part of your body where electrodes are attached. It is useful to relieve headache and muscle pain and revive frozen muscles that impair movement. It’s mainly muscle stimulation aid is removing cellulitis and build up you muscles.

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This Arduino Starter Kit is now over 85 percent off. Save hundreds on the latest Arduino and accessories, plus eight e-books and 15 hours of video training to help you build your own smart ...

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And lastly, theres this Arduino starter kit, which comes with the famed Uno R3 board, along with six expert courses so you can build your own games, electronics, and more.